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  • Published on Apr 08, 2016
    Travel the Mother Road: Missouri

    Last week we traveled down the mother road through Illinois, and this week we take on the Show Me State, The Gateway to the West. It's Missouri! Covering hundreds of miles in the state, Route 66 started in downtown St. Louis and traveled all the way to the Kansas state line, just west of Joplin. You will find numerous attractions in Missouri along the Mother Road, some that are still thriving even today! We will take a closer look at some of these attractions and which ones you should visit as you travel down Route 66 through Missouri.

    Route 66 Drive In Theater - Carthage, MO

    Placed right along Route 66 in the small town of Carthage, MO sits the Route 66 Drive in Theater. Built in 1949, this drive in was a staple along the highway, but tragically closed down in 1985.

    Thirteen years later however it was redone and reopened to the public! Today the theater still lives on and shows movies on the weekends. At only $7 for adults and $3 for kids, it is a great way to entertain the family and take them back to the good ole days on Route 66!

    The Missouri S&T Stonehenge

    Want to view a reconstruction of one of the most iconic formations in the world? Located in Rolla, Missouri is a partial reconstruction of Stonehenge, the famous megalith located south of London. Why does a partial reconstruction exist in Rolla, Missouri you might ask? Well there is a good explanation for that! The University of Missouri at Rolla Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center built the reconstruction in one month.

    Back in the day, according to scientists, it would have taken years to build them. Thanks to a high pressured water jet lab system however, the rocks could be built in a small amount of time. Dedicated in 1984, Stonehenge is a very popular tourist destination along the highway. 

    Ghost Towns

    One of the more unique stops along old Route 66 is the several ghost towns that you can find. In Plano, MO you will find just a couple of buildings standing that were there before the highway. Tons of crumbling stone and plenty of abandoned buildings make this very eerie to drive through.

    Another ghost town is Halltown, MO, which was founded in 1870. When Route 66 was thriving, the town had upwards of twenty businesses, including an amazing grocery store and plenty of service shops. Sitting on the route to Springfield, the town now features more boarding up buildings than active ones, and not a lot of people or business run through it. Driving through these towns that used to be so popular can be sad, but also nostalgic when you drive through them. It also goes to show when Route 66 was good, just how strong and powerful the highway was. It created tons of jobs and attracted a lot of visitors to many towns that hadn't had visitors before.

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    Missouri has plenty of great attractions along Route 66, and these are just some of the things you can see when traveling down the old roads. Next week we will take a closer look at Oklahoma!


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