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  • Published on Feb 24, 2014
    3 Simple Camping Hacks


    Simple Camping Hacks to Improve Any Trip

    Let’s say you’re out camping, having a good time, and you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake.

    Maybe you forgot some kindling for the fire. Perhaps you forgot to bring bug spray. Or maybe you’re just having a terrible time getting comfortable in your tent. All perfectly common mistakes that can make any camping trip an utter nightmare.

    Here’s a few simple camping hacks and tricks to make your trip more enjoyable.


    Bring a Pencil Sharpener for Kindling

    By now, you’ve probably seen this image pop up on many other blogs or social sites, but it’s still a great idea worth mentioning.

    Traditionally, most campers have a pocket or utility knife with them to shave off some kindling to make a fire. But, you may have lost or forgotten your life during your travels doing other activities with it.

    Bring a pencil sharpener with you to create some simple kindling for your fire. You’re less likely to lose it since you’re probably not going to be using it else where.


    Foam Tile Flooring

    The great outdoors didn’t get it’s name for being so incredibly comfortable for sleeping.

    If you’ve got little ones at home or know someone with kids, chances are you’ll be able to access foam tile squares quite easily. Bring some along to create a more comfortable flooring for your tent.

    Alternatively, you can bring a yoga mat or two to achieve the same effect.


    Ice Shower To Go

    Camping for an extended period of time can get down right dirty. There’s no way around it. Jumping into a nearby lake, pond, or stream might sound like a good solution, but can be dangerous or counterproductive to getting clean.

    Enter the ice shower to go. Made infamous from comment threads online, the ice shower involves using common household items to make a chunk of ice with half soap water and half clean water. One side to clean, one side to rinse.

    Follow these detailed ice shower instructions and throw your ice shower in your cooler to keep on hand for your next trip.


    More Camping Hacks

    Want more camping hacks or want to share your own? Let us know! Give us some feedback and share your favorite camping tricks, tips, and hacks. Our Route 66 Dealer dealers have tons of great info on their sites, including 8 Tips For Fixing Your RV Water Pump.


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