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  • Published on May 19, 2016
    Travel the Mother Road: California

    We have finally reached the end of our journey. We have covered 7 states, almost 2,500 miles and shared with you tons of places you can visit along the Mother Road. Our journey ends in the great state of California where Route 66 comes to an end in Santa Monica. In California the road covered a little more than 300 miles and has a lot to offer if you happen to travel down the old road. Here are some things you can expect to see that are timeless treasures!

    Original McDonalds - San Bernardino

    Located in San Bernardino, CA, this is the site of the original McDonalds. You know, the one that has served billions and billions of people around the world. In 1948 when this restaurant opened, no one knew that it would become one of the most iconic restaurants in the entire world. Being near Route 66, this McDonalds thrived and grew to prominence right along with the Mother Road. While this site isn't actually serving burgers and fries anymore, it has been turned into a really cool museum that highlights the beginnings of the restaurant and tons of other great artifacts to discover. Make sure you get a picture out in front with the sign that advertises burgers for 15 cents and really reminisce about how great the "old days" were!

    The Graffiti Corridor - Chambless

    ‚ÄčIn one of the more unique things to see along Route 66, the Graffiti Corridor is a tradition along the road that has lasted for a long time! Some might say a little too long. This tradition consists of "leaving your mark" on the road in some form or another. Most people choose to leave their shoes, so make sure you have a pair you don't mind leaving on a barren stretch of an old highway! If you don't give your shoes, people also spray paint their name on things and leave it along the corridor, hints the name Graffiti Corridor! Regardless, if you find yourself stopped along this stretch of the road, it is a neat thing to participate and leave your mark along one of the most famous roads in American history!

    Santa Monica Pier - Santa Monica

    The end of the road. At Santa Monica pier you will find a sign marking the end of the Route 66 and what a great place for it to end! There are tons of things to do in Santa Monica, but one that most everyone can agree on is getting in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. If you are a foodie, you will love Santa Monica as well. Tons of restaurants with great vibes and amazing views are all over the city, so make sure you stop and get some grub! The end of Route 66 doesn't have to be the end of your adventures. Take advantage of the beauty of Santa Monica!

    Route 66 RV Network

    We hope you enjoyed our Travel the Mother Road Series! Route 66 is not only one of the most iconic roads, but it offers an amazing glimpse into the past of our great country and all the memories and places that are tied to a single stretch of road. If you have the opportunity to travel along some of the old Route 66, sure there might be parts of it that are bleak, or look run down, but there are also parts that are still thriving! We would highly recommend picking a state and traveling along the route to really get a sense of what it might have been like. 

    If you are traveling in your RV and need anything along the way, the Route 66 RV Network is there! We have more than 100 dealer locations throughout the United States and Canada that are here to help you with anything you may need. Until the next time, have a great weekend and travel safe!




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