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  • Published on Apr 22, 2016
    Travel the Mother Road: Oklahoma

    The next stop on our Travel the Mother Road series takes us into the great state of Oklahoma! Route 66 passed through 400 miles of Oklahoma in the late 20's through cities such as Oklahoma City, Tulsa and many other small towns.  Oklahoma is one of the more prominent places to find Route 66 gear, especially if you are traveling from Kansas to Tulsa or Oklahoma City. In this post we will share with you some of the best attractions that Oklahoma has to offer to help you remember the great Route 66.


    Oklahoma Route 66 Museum - Clinton

    If you want to know about the true history of the Route 66 road and what it meant to people, this is the place for you! The Route 66 museum can be spotted by a giant neon sign that displays Route 66 proudly above the museum. Once inside guests will find tons of information regarding the road and the types of transportation that graced it.

    Guests can also explore decade by decade what types of things happened on the road, from restaurants to construction and everything in between! There are also tons of special items that have been collected over the years and are displayed for patrons to see. All in all this museum is not only a great reminder of what America was in the 1900's, but it also allows people to know a ton about how travel existed back in the day as well!

    Lucille's Service Station - Hydro & Weatherford

    As most of us know, transportation was booming when Route 66 was at it's peak. With so many travelers out on the roads, the need for gas stations continued to rise.  Lucille’s Service Station is one of the few service stations still on the road from the early 1920's and has become a great tourist attraction. It no longer serves gas but it has been restored to it's original condition which makes for a truly great photo! While you are there you can also visit Lucille’s Roadhouse, which is a delicious diner that features a jukebox, tons of Route 66 artifacts and of course delicious food!

    Coleman Theatre

    Located in Miami, Oklahoma sits a beautiful reminder of the type of architecture that was around during the roaring 20's. Built in 1929, this historic theatre was a hopping place for all ages to come watch silent films and other forms of entertainment. It has been restored and now hosts tons of events, weddings and more!

    Check out their website for more information.

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    These are just a few of some amazing Oklahoma Route 66 attractions. Next week we will be featuring the great state of Texas and what attractions are found along Route 66.


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