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  • Published on Mar 27, 2014
    Travel the Famous Route 66

    Route 66 Attractions

    When you think of highways in America, there is one that is certain to cross everyone’s mind. A highway that has been featured in songs, movies, and clothing lines alike.

    We are of course talking about Route 66! 

    The famous interstate that at its peak spanned 2,448 miles connecting Chicago to Los Angeles was deemed obsolete by the mid-1980s, and businesses on the route began to decline.

    Over the years however, there have been numerous efforts to restore the famous road, and as of today about 85% of the road still remains navigable for travelers and tourists alike.

    Despite the efforts to restore the highway, the World Monuments Fund included Route 66 on its 100 Most Endangered Sites watch list.

    Route 66 was one of the most important stretches of road in American history, and it still remains one of the great sites to see if you are interested in history and like to travel.

    As the RV and camping seasons begin to hit full stride, what better way to get started than to take a trip and get your kicks on Route 66?

    In the post we will feature several attractions along the route as well as great KOA Kampgrounds to accommodate your group.



    Route 66 starts in Chicago and continues through the states of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in California.

    There are numerous attractions throughout these great states along the route, but here are some that are sure to peak your interest.

    Buckingham Fountain - Illinois

    Start your trip off right at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. This is one of the largest fountains in the world and it was constructed one year after Route 66 was completed.

    The fountain often has beautiful lights at night and plenty of live music that keeps tourists and locals coming back for more.

    Chain of Rocks Bridge - Missouri

    Traveling West into Missouri you will come across the “Chain of Rocks Bridge” in St. Louis. This famous bridge was a mile-long and more than 60 feet above the mighty Mississippi River. It was a significant landmark for travelers who drove down Route 66 for several decades.

    Today the bridge is linked to more than 300 miles of trails on both sides of the river and has become part of the Route 66 bikeway. It has also been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2006.

    Oklahoma Route 66 Museum - Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is home to the longest drivable stretch of Route 66 covering 426 miles. On this stretch you will see numerous signs, museums and restaurants that will take you back to the days when the route was at its peak!

    At the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum you will get to see vehicles, learn about the roads construction, and have the chance to take part in numerous interactive activities.

    At the end of the museum you can stop by the drive-in theater or the "Curio" gift shop, which features signs, books, videos, clothing, toys, games and other keepsakes.

    Route 66 Scenic Byway- New Mexico

    As you continue your drive westward, this scenic byway in New Mexico offers spectacular views and allows you to take in the real Route 66 as it ran through New Mexico years ago. 

    If you do set out to travel on the original Route 66 in New Mexico, you should be prepared with plenty of maps and road guides before making the trip, as there are several turns and dead-ends among modern highways.

    With this confusion and traveling in the heat, it can get pretty frustrating when you don’t know where you’re going.

    But if you have a great sense of direction and can follow maps, it is definitely worth it to drive down this scenic byway and witness the true beauty of the route.

    Petrified Forest National Park- Arizona

    Almost to the end of the route, Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona is one of the most interesting and beautiful places to stop along your way.

    The Petrified Forest is home to some of the most incredible fossils ever found. The fossils that were found here show that natives inhabited this land around 10,00 years ago. In addition, it was also home to creatures that we can only imagine such as dinosaurs and other ancient lifeforms.

    Truly a unique and historic place, the Petrified Forest National Park offers an experience of a lifetime!

    Original McDonalds and Museum - California

    At the end of Route 66 lies the original Mcdonald’s Restaurant in San Bernadino, CA. This museum marks the first restaurant that would change the fast food industry in America.

    The restaurant does not serve any of the food that has made it famous, but the museum showcases the rise of McDonalds from a barbeque restaurant in the 1940s to what it is today.

    The outside of the museum features a gigantic sign from the old McDonald’s, a Hamburglar jail, Ronald McDonald Statues and Route 66 plaques.

    You don’t have to be a fan of McDonalds to appreciate the rich history of one of America's largest companies.

    Route 66 RV Network

    This list was just a taste of the many different attractions that are featured along Route 66. If you are considering taking the trip, be sure to plan your trip out.

    By planning your route and which attractions you want to see, you can better plan your days and take your time traveling.

    We here at the Route 66 RV Network encourage you to get out and travel safely this season. If you need anything at all, remember, wherever the road takes you, you can count on us!

    Now for a look at where you can stay along the route, check out these awesome campgrounds from our friends at KOA!

    KOA Kampgrounds

    Springfield KOA - Missouri

    Address: 5775 West Farm Road 140

    This KOA Kampground is right along Route 66 and offers the chance to see Historic Route 66 landmarks throughout the City of Springfield.

    The campground is RV friendly with long pull-thru sites that include patios. Other lodging options include the best cabins in Missouri, lodges and camping cottages for a unique camping experience!

    Other features include: 

    • 50 Max Amp
    • Wi-Fi 
    • Cable TV 
    • Propane 
    • Kamping Kitchen Firewood 
    • Pavilion Bike Rentals 

    Elk CIty/Clinton KOA - Oklahoma

    Address: I-40, Exit 50 Clinton Lake Rd

    Once you get into Oklahoma on Route 66, the Mother Road runs right past this gem!

    Stop by this KOA Kampground for a peaceful stay on the paved and shady RV sites, or pitch a tent on one of the numerous grassy sites available.

    Patrons can relax at the pool, enjoy the playground or let your pets roam in the fenced pet area. 

    Other features of the park include:

    • 50 Max Amp
    • Wi-Fi 
    • Cable TV 
    • Pool Snack Bar 
    • Propane 
    • Kamping Kitchen
    • Fishing 

    Amarillo KOA - Texas

    Address: 1100 Folsom Road

    Conveniently located just off Historic Route 66, this award-winning, family-owned and operated campground is a great place to stay!

    Nearby are many local attractions such as the Cadillac Ranch and Route 66 historic district, making the Amarillo KOA a campground that the whole family can enjoy!

    Inside the campground KOA’s Western metal art is displayed and is a unique feature.

    Other features include:

    • Enclosed K-9 Park 
    • Large gift shop
    • 50 Max Amp
    • Wi-Fi 
    • Cable TV 
    • Pool
    • Propane 
    • Pavilion 
    • Bike Rentals

    Holbrook/Petrified Forest KOA - Arizona

    Address: 102 Hermosa Drive

    If you are wanting to see the Petrified Forest or Painted Desert, the KOA in Holbrook is the perfect place to stay!

    Located right by the majestic forest off of Route 66, this high desert campground will make you feel like you're in the Old Wild West! 

    The campground features include:

    50 Max Amp8
    Cable TV 
    PoolSnack Bar 
    Kamping Kitchen

    Los Angeles/Pomona/Fairplex KOA- California

    Address: 2200 North White Ave.

    Finish your trip off in style at this campground located next to numerous attractions for the entire family!

    California is at your fingertips with Disneyland, Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios and more close by!

    After your fun filled days, come back to the camground that features great landscaping and camping sites for all.

    Other features sure to please include:

    • 50 Max Amp
    • Wi-Fi 
    • Pool/Hot Tub / Sauna 
    • Fishing 
    • Tour Shuttle
    • Pavillion

    With these great KOA Kampgrounds to get you through your trip down Route 66, now is a great time to pack up and hit the road this spring/summer!

    What are your favorite destinations along Route 66? Feel free to comment below!




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