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  • Published on Feb 24, 2014
    Traveling with Pets


    Pet Safety

    With the holiday season approaching, many of you are gearing up and preparing to hit the roads and visit family members far away. This yearly tradition of holiday travel can also include our furry friends.

    As you gear up your family and pets to travel the highways in your car, truck, or RV camper; it’s important to keep a few things in mind to keep your pets (and family) happy and safe

    Cages Aren't So Bad..

    For your pets, that is. Most animals do not enjoy riding in vehicles and can be quite stressed over a long trip. It is best to contain your family pet in a carrier or crate when taking your pets on the road.

    Even if your dog seems content and even happy roaming your vehicle cabin, it is much safer for them to be safe in a create or carrier. The cliched scene of a dog hanging their head out the window and enjoying the breeze may seem like a treat, but this poses a serious safety concern. Your dog could easily be injured by flying debris or fall out of a moving vehicle.

    For the safety and well-being of your animal, keep them contained during travel.

    Carrier Restraint

    Most modern or newer pet carriers are designed with travel in mind and have accommodations for seat belts. Just as you would secure any other family member in with a seat belt, keep your pets protected too.

    People in Front

    Keeping your animal in the front seat may sound like a good way of keeping an eye on them during the trip, but it’s actually much safer to have them in the back. If you are in an accident, this will protect your pet from being injured by air bag deployment.


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