ROUTE 66 Purchase Power Marketing Material

ROUTE 66 Purchase Power is designed to deliver Group Buying Opportunities for ROUTE 66 Dealers which enables us to compete with any online retailer, and still preserve gross profit!  We will help you design a marketing campiagn by making it easy to access marketing content.  Click the Product below to get helpful material.

Remember, with each parts purchase, you are not just earning a parts sale, you are earning a new customer, and creating returning customers for your dealership!  We want to give our customers great deals!

For a more detailed description of ROUTE 66 Purchase Power, CLICK HERE to download the pdf, or call us!  913-317-6678.

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2011-02-14 - EZ Foldz Marketing Package

2011-01-31 - RhinoFLEX Marketing Package

2011-01-24 - Faulkner Recliner Marketing Package

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