Exclusive Benefits

While each of our dealership locations are independently-owned and operated, one thing you can count on is that they all have one thing in common... your satisfaction.  After all, most of these dealers have been satisfying RV customers like you for over 30 years.

Your satisfaction is also built into every one of ROUTE 66 RV Network's exclusive dealer programs.  Whether it's the time and money-saving benefits you'll receive as a ROUTE 66 RV Club member or the $66 off of your deductible every time you use your service contract at a ROUTE 66 dealership... buying your next RV from a ROUTE 66 dealer can save you money and ensure peace of mind.

Because our dealers are independent businesses, not all programs are offered at every location.  So, make sure you ask your local dealer when you visit which ROUTE 66 Programs they offer so you can maximize the benefits you receive from the network.

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