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Why Specialty Coverage Makes Good Sense for Today's RV Enthusiast?

According to insurance industry statistics, 90% of RVers are currently underinsured because they choose to protect their RV with an automobile policy.  Standard auto policies typically do not provide sufficient coverage to include the cost of a comparable new RV if the vehicle is stolen or destroyed. Also, your car policy rarely covers the additional liability exposure that comes about from "living" in the vehicle.


Your local ROUTE 66 member dealer has access to specialty RV coverage plans that include:

  • Total-loss Replacement Coverage:  The ultimate in protection, total-loss replacement coverage provides the dual benefit of maximum coverage from theft or damage with protection against depreciation of the value of your vehicle. This coverage typically pays for a brand-new RV if your vehicle is lost or destroyed during the first five model years. After this time, the coverage provides you no less than the stated value of the vehicle listed on the policy at the time of purchase.
  • Roadside Assistance:  Just what you've come to expect from programs like AAA, but built specifically for the needs of an RV enthusiast. Not only will the service tow your RV, but any other vehicle as well that you may have with you.
  • Personal Belongings Coverage:  Very similar to your current household policy, this coverage provides for replacement of personal items you carry in your RV. If they are stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire or other incident, this coverage pays their full replacement value.
  • Emergency Expense Coverage:  What happens when your "home on wheels" breaks down on the road? This coverage pays for a rental car, hotel room and even restaurant meals while your vehicle is being repaired. There are even special, extended coverage options for full-time RVers who spend more than four months on the road each year.
  • Campsite Liability Coverage:  Yup, accidents happen. But try to find this liability coverage in your current car policy (hint: don't look too long, there's nothing there). With an RV specialty insurance policy, you're covered from accidents that happen to you or others with you in your RV or at any camp at which you stay.


So, while at first glance your standard automobile insurance carrier may seem fine, your ROUTE 66 member dealer can give you a quote from a one of several insurance carriers that specialize in protecting your larger investment.


Wherever the road takes you . . . You can count on us.

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